39 weeks…and counting…

So I am 39 weeks as of tomorrow morning, and I am still waiting to pop. I was hoping to be able to be induced, but my hospital has a policy about inducing before 41 weeks. So unless she comes on her own between now and then….that’s the latest I can expect little Bailey. I am really hoping though that she will come soon! I want to kiss her face! And be able to walk without waddling at this point haha.

In the meantime, I have been trying to walk to increase my chances of going into labor and to keep things going. I may complain about doing it and groan and moan and wish I could just be floating in zero gravity….but it’s still good for me to do it haha. Adam, Danny, and I went to the bird refuge today down the street and walked the whole path and got to observe the diff nature birds they had. It was super windy but we had a good time 🙂
Adam and I also went on a little morning date and walked around some fun shopping areas, one of which included a mega candy store with super sized goodies haha it was awesome. Although I am not a fan of nerds…..I rechipped my tooth from eating a huge handful at once one time when I was 17…..My front tooth…..I still can’t eat them haha.
But it has been a good day, Adam and I relaxed in the hot tub after getting some cravings for me (nothing like a chocolate milkshake and some French fries!) and it felt good to be in warm water, even though I made sure it was only from the legs down so I wouldn’t over heat.

All in all, I feel like a ticking time bomb and I look like I’m stealing watermelons from a grocery store haha lots of prayers for her coming soon and smoothly would be greatly appreciated!






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