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So these last few weeks have been for the most part pretty chill. My pregnancy has been chugging along. I passed my glucose test for gestational diabetes, so that was comforting to hear. 🙂 I was worried from all the sweets that I had been craving and eating that it would be an issue. But everything is normal and she is growing right on time. As of my last visit about a week and a half ago, I have gained about 20 pounds so far. So I am pretty on track as well for my weight gain, which I am thankful for. I feel humungous and uncomfortable haha but I know it could be worse. I am ready for her to come. I know I will miss feeling her inside me moving and just being close to her while in the womb….but I am def ready to not be pregnant anymore haha. I miss sleeping on my back and being able to sleep through the night without having to use the bathroom a million times or roll over time and time again because my hips are hurting. I won’t miss the heartburns from chocolate and red sauce, getting breathless from walking up the stairs, or feeling like I’m suffocating from the weight of my belly while laying on the couch. Haha. Oh the joys of being pregnant. It is all worth it though. I cannot wait to see my little girl. To see a blend of me and Adam in her. I can’t imagine the love I am going to feel and already feel. I know it will not be easy and some times are going to be pretty hard and exhausting…but I know it is going to be awesome. 🙂

Anyways. So Adam has been interviewing with various schools for this fall, so we are crossing our fingers and praying hard to know where we are needed to go. I will follow Adam anywhere in the world for wherever he needs to go. So we will see where the Lord takes us. Hopefully in the next week we will have some answers and a decision, so I will post a blog about that when the time comes. He has been working hard to get time off for the interviews, as well as save time off for when Bailey gets here, so he has been working some graveyard shifts. I love him so much for working so hard for our little family. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion on this journey 🙂

Danny had a ballroom competition a bit ago that Adam and I went to. He did awesome! Him and his partner won a medal for best technique, and his elementary school won the whole thing overall. He was so great at it and was adorable. I am proud that he went out of his element and tried something new 🙂

Aj finished up his basketball season, so he is glad to have some free time on his hands now. He turned 16 on Feb 13th, so he is a driving, dating man now! It is crazy how much he is growing up, and I am glad that I am able to have this time here at home to be a part of him (and danny’s) life, because I know we are moving away this summer.
We all played catch/basketball outside today as a family, and it makes me happy inside when we all hang out and do something together. Although the mom radar in me is already coming out: “don’t throw the ball too hard, he doesn’t have protection on” “wear a helmet if you’re going to be riding the longboard” “drink lots of water so you don’t dehydrate” “tie your shoes so you don’t fall on you’re face.” Haha. My mom is also gone in Florida right now for Nana and Papa’s 50th anniversary, so I have double the radar on. I love it though. Taking care of the family and such 🙂 It’s good to feel needed 🙂

Celine is doing great on her mission. She will have her 2nd transfer tomorrow so we don’t know if she will move areas or not, but she is loving it. She has been trying tons of new food that I know in a million years I wouldn’t have been able to convince her to try…so I KNOW she is on the Lord’s errand!! Haha. I do miss her tons though and wish she could be here during this time of my pregnancy and everything, but I am so happy she is where she needs to be. Bailey will have lots of fun getting to know her Aunt Celine when she gets home 🙂

Life is good. 🙂

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