Eagles and Ultrasounds

So this last week has been pretty awesome. My brother AJ was presented with his Eagle Award! He worked so hard on it and I am so proud 🙂 It was a great ceremony. He was with 4 other boys getting theirs too. All of the parents said a little something special about their eagle scout, and my Dad said some touching things about AJ that I will always remember 🙂

I have to say though that it was quite the ordeal for me that night!  I dropped moms camera on the floor in the middle of it and it was like screeching a loud noise for like 30 seconds before I could shut it off, and the chip flew out of it. Haha by some miracle it worked and I continued on like nothing happened. Haha THEN when the bishop was talking, Danny was whispering something to me so I didn’t hear what was going on, and suddenly Danny stood up….so I stood up too! Turns out the bishop asked all the scouts to stand up. Yeah I felt like an idiot and laughed pretty hard. I can blame pregnancy brain and my huge belly on all of it right?? Can I milk that excuse for all it’s worth? haha.

It was a great night though.

Then this last week I had another ultra sound and Bailey is growing good! About 2.5 pounds and active as ever! I have started having some braxton hicks, but they aren’t super bad (right now at least haha) so I just have to keep an eye on things just in case. I am trying to make sure that I am drinking tons too because I am usually so bad about that.

Only 11 more weeks left. It is crazy. These weeks are flying by! I also had to get my blood taken for the glucose test and get my rh factor shot. Well, the nurse who took my blood moved the needle in between viles, so it hurt and bled for a while and left a bruise. Then the rh factor shot was in my butt, but I wasn’t worried because that is where I used to get my birth control shots. So I was behind the curtain and Adam waited on the other side. Well that needle felt like a bee stung me with lava! Haha I was like what the crap! Haha I yelped when the needle went in and when I opened the curtain, Adam had wide eyes looking at me haha. Celine and Danny prob would have keeled over hearing me scream about this shot haha. It made me laugh. If Bailey has a positive blood type, then I will have to get another rh shot in the hospital after delivery. I’m still not super scared of shots and stuff, but I’m def a little more weary haha.

I love little Bailey so much already. And her little personality already cracks me up. She has no prob telling mama what she wants and when she is annoyed! Adam picked up a graveyard shift last night for someone and didn’t come home tip 6:30am, slept a few hours and then went into his normal shift at 2pm; so I had a hard time falling asleep by myself. Well I ended up staying up late and I was starving, but didn’t want to eat at like 2 in the morning haha so I waited until later when I woke up. Well, she woke my tushy up with a flurry of punches! It was so intense…she was mad! Haha so I went and ate some cereal and she calmed right back down lol. It was so cute too because when Adam came in the room around 6:30am and cuddled in bed, she started moving against Adam’s hands; she knew her daddy was home 🙂 I love it.

Things are going good. I am trying to keep my legs and back less achy and just adjusting to this beach ball attached to me! I have my baby shower this weekend and my Pepa is coming in to visit as well, so fun times!! Updates to come 🙂

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