Starting the year with a southern visit

So Adam was able to get about 4 days off work so he could take a much needed vacation and we can see his family in Texas 🙂 It was a quick trip but def a great one. I missed them a ton so it was great to see everyone. We went with everyone to see the Christmas lights at the zoo, we were able to go to the temple with Adam’s parents and that was pretty special, and we went shooting with Adam’s new conceal carry hand gun. As usual he was amazing at it haha while I could use some work lol. We were able to hang out with Chris and Heather on New Years Day and that was a blessing for sure, since it was the only day they both had off while we were there. Hanging out with them is always so fun, BFF’s for sure! If we move down to Texas, it will be so great to have such good friends close by to make some fun memories with 🙂
Adam and I were able to take a trip down to Clear Lake and see the University that we are crossing our fingers on the most. The campus is beautiful! Tons of land 🙂 And the Clear Lake area is so beautiful too, it is right near the gulf so it totally reminds me of Florida, which makes me happy inside. I could totally see us living in that area though 🙂 Please many prayers for us to get into the program!!! I have no doubt Adam can make it in, but extra prayers will help for sure 😉

Overall it was a great trip. Time spent with friends and family are always cherished. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a great year for our little family 🙂

Also, the weekend before we left we had our annual Legge Festivus Tournament…and I won it this year! That’s right pregnant Cassie won it this year haha I think Bailey helped me 😉 AJ won it last year, the first year we had it, and now my name will be added to the plaque (and Bailey will be added too, which is adorable!) haha. I won in the top 3 for every game…so slow and steady wins the race.












These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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