We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

We have been doing some fun Christmas festivities for sure 🙂 We had some fun baking treats and decorating cookies, and we were able to go to temple square in Salt Lake and see the lights 🙂 We have def been trying to spend some quality time with one another and I love it 🙂

Little Bailey has been kicking up a storm!!!! And so big! Haha it is quite the sight to see your belly button get shallower and shallower hahah. Adam finally felt her do a huge roll to the other side of my belly the other day…he was like what the!!!!! haha it was pretty funny 😉 She is going to be an active child that’s for sure 😉 But that’s okay…because she has a pretty active mom hahah it is Adam who will have his hands full lol.

Celine is doing so good in Tokyo, Japan on her mission. She wrote us the other day and talked about the many miracles she is already seeing. She had a man come up to her talking about how he has been looking for missionaries for some time now and has a huge desire to be taught and my sister and her companion happened to be on the subway with him! Go figure!! She sounds so happy and full of the Spirit of the Lord and it makes me so happy and proud. I know she is doing great things over there….even though we sure do miss her tons.

Adam’s brother Austin is also on his mission right now in Brazil, and he is also enjoying the great spirits and joy that usually come around in people during this time of year. He is below the equator so it is super hot and dry there right now and the toilet flushes the opposite way apparently haha but he is having a good time and also teaching the gospel to those who need it down there. We miss him tons too and are proud of him 🙂

This Christmas Eve has been pretty awesome so far. I love waking up to warm cuddles from my amazing husband. We cherish the mornings before he has work that afternoon. Family time is the best gift anyone could give. Even though I am sad that Adam is working tomorrow afternoon as well…he is still able to have Christmas morning with us and celebrate the holidays, which I am very thankful for. He was also telling me how at least he can be at work with the kids who dont have their family with them and try and give them a better holiday as well. He is a keeper for sure.

Here is our Christmas Letter for this year 🙂 Enjoy!!

christmas letter christmas letter

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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