It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So as much as I feel unprepared for Christmas this year – I feel like we just had Halloween!- things are finally starting to catch up! I made some cute homemade Christmas cards this year, so that was fun 🙂 I only made a few though because they took alot more work than I thought! haha. I also wrote our Christmas letter for the year, which will be included in a later post 🙂

We decorated the living room with the tree and all the extra pretty decorations a few weeks ago and it is gorgeous! I love when things are all put up and it just seems even more toasty and fun 🙂 My mom got some santa sleighs made out of gingerbread cookies to build! They were adorable! Me, Danny, my Mom, and Adam all made one with our own little style and it was super cute. My mom didnt put enough frosting on hers though so it kind of fell apart as she was making it though. 🙁 although to her defense…she was also busy making her famous delicious chocolate chip cookies at the same time.

Aj and my Dad were working on Aj’s eagle project. He is so close to being done! We are all so proud of him. Him and my dad have been two peas in a pod getting that taken care of. For his project he is implementing a neighborhood emergency plan for who is in dire need of medical attention first. Each home will get a packet of a cd with .pdfs of a safety briefing and helpful tools for food and supply storage, as well an assortment of different colored papers with words on them for immediate attention, no attention needed, death, etc. They then include a door hanger that they can hang the appropriate paper on the door if something happens. It is pretty genius! He turns 16 this Feb, and his goal was to get his eagle by the time he was 16, so it looks like he is completing that goal 🙂 So proud.

This last week Adam and I attended a Child Prep class at the hospital where I am planning on delivering. It was an 8 hour class on Saturday so Adam was able to be there with me, and I am so glad he was! We learned so much about the pregnancy process and birth and what to expect and to look for etc. It brought us closer together too I think 🙂 We learned relaxation techniques and things to help labor along and everything. I know it will still not be easy, but I feel so much more prepared. It is hard when I have no idea what to expect from my body, since it has never done this before lol. I know my mom had to have all c-sections, so I dont know. Knowledge is power though, so I know that with the things Adam and I have learned and are continually learning, we will get through no matter what happens 🙂 We are in the process of making my birth plan, so it def makes it feel closer and closer! I love feeling her move around and kick inside me. Such a comforting feeling believe it or not. Haha at church yesterday we stayed for choir and she was kicking so much when she heard the men sing and when Adam said the prayer. She loves those deep voices, and her daddy’s voice for sure 😉

I am excited for the upcoming holidays and spending time with family 🙂 It is really a magical time of year 🙂

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