Fun Times in Utah

This past week has been pretty fun 🙂 Danny, my mom, and I went to Black Island Farms and went through the straw maze and fed some animals and just hung out. It was a beautiful day so getting out of the house was a must!

Then on Saturday Adam and I had an awesome date day! First we went to Jensen Park and fed the duckies. Haha even some sea gulls came and it was hilarious watching them fly and hover over Adam and then catch the piece of bread. It was awesome. After a nice walk around the park we went to Salt Lake and went to the local farmers market to see what was there. We had some yummy cookies….but a bee also seemed to love them because they kept following Adam around haha. Then we went to the mall and hung out and watched “Gravity”. Pretty intense.

Then we picked some pumpkins and carved them into cute faces! Haha okay well maybe only the baby pumpkin was cute haha but it was fun making mine and Adams too! Adam’s had the silly side smile and mine was the spiky teeth with scary eyelashes haha. Our baby we carved to match the style of Adam’s eyes and my spiky teeth with its one little spike tooth. Haha. It was def a much needed date day for Adam and I to spend together 🙂 I sure do love him.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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