So it has been a little bit since I feel like I have really updated on anything. Adam got an awesome job in his field as a Mental Health Youth Counselor at Benchmark Behavior Health Center in Woods Cross Utah. He gets pretty good benefits too, which, with the baby coming is a huge blessing. Unfortunately and fortunately he has the 2-10pm shift M-F. Fortunately because the other shifts were a graveyard and ridiculously early in the morning, unfortunately because he is gone most of the day and doesnt get to eat dinner with us or anything. I sure do miss him alot during the time he is gone. But I just make sure to enjoy every minute of the mornings we get together.

I am starting to finally feel a bit better in my pregnancy. I havent been super pukey, but I have been feeling really sicky and had zero energy to do anything. Now at least I feel like I can start to enjoy my days instead of wanting to spend every minute in bed. I still do get tired easily, but I am trying to keep busy. It is hard sometimes when I feel like I dont really have friends in this area. I miss having the social life I had at work and such in Idaho. If I felt up for working I would probably get a job, but Adam doesnt want me to risk things right now with the baby, and I tend to get really tired from simple tasks. Plus I dont think I would want to work during the few hours I get to spend with Adam. So right now that is our plan, and if things change, we will revisit it then.

I am glad though that Adam has a job that can get him more experience in what he loves doing, and plus that will help him on his grad applications. We are going to be applying to a few schools this Jan that would start his program next fall. We are excited about it for sure! A new adventure would be fun, just me and him in a whole new place, specially with a little addition at that point–we cant wait. Of course we are so thankful to be here with family (specially while Adam is at work so I dont have to be alone) and we know 100% that the Lord wanted us here in Utah…but it will be nice to start the next chapter 🙂 We are in a bit of a transitionary state at the moment, but we are doing the best we can 🙂 I know I feel pathetic and lazy (and probably look like it too) most of the time at home…I am waiting for this second trimester super energy to kick in that I keep hearing, but that wont be for a couple more weeks. So I just have a couple more weeks of tummy aches, loss of appetite, and zero energy until I can be more helpful and less pathetic looking. Although….I still keep up on the laundry and try to clean up the room and our bathroom….so baby steps I guess right? haha.

I cant wait until we meet this little one growing inside of me 🙂 I was a bawling wreck just seeing the heartbeat on the screen….I dont know how I wont be a bawling mommy for the first 18 years of its life!! hahah.

Anyways, things here are chugging along….I guess I just need to learn some patience and control over these roller-coaster hormones/emotions in the meantime.

P.S. Here are some other pics from the other day when we got our ultrasound 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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