Moving to Utah

Once we returned to Idaho, we had 2 days before we had to be packed and ready to move to Utah with my parents in Layton while Adam applies to grad schools. He is able to start applying in January for the Fall session, so we should be in Utah for about a year. There are more job opportunities in Utah than there are in Idaho, even if it is not necessarily in Adam’s field right now. It is better than Idaho!

Anyways, so it was a bit of a fiasco moving because we didnt really have any help from our ward, which kinda bummed us out since Adam has helped at least 5 families move in the last 6 months, but oh well. Thankfully when we visited my friends at iJump, Kevin was able to come help Adam with all the heavy furniture stuff…def a blessing! We had quite a few blessings those couple of days actually. We had originally planned on a 14 foot uhaul, but they called and said they didnt have any, but would give us a 17 foot one with not extra charge. It was a God send because we filled that sucker up! Then with Kevin being able to help was such a blessing, and then the cleaning lady didnt show up when we had already paid her (which yes I was furious about btw) but they were able to schedule it for the day after we move and our apt manager was going to let them in and take care of it. We would have had to stay while she cleaned, but then didnt have to. THEN once we were at my folks house, all of them helping to unload the truck took sooo much less time than it did for Adam and I. Many blessings led to us coming to Utah and we have had many affirmations along the way that Utah is where we need to be 🙂

It will be quite the adventure I am sure 😉

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