Florida Vacation 2013!

So after Adam graduated and he came home from his rifle course and anniversary, we went on a much needed vacation! We havent seen my family in Florida since we got married two years ago, I missed them so much! We spent 13 days between Niceville, Crestview, and visiting the Destin area. We got temporary henna tattoos, an airbrushed hat, ate some awesome food, etc. We even were able to have some amazing sushi at this nice restaurant along the water during sunset. How romantic 😉

We also made sure to experience the amazing beaches that I always went to as a kid with my family: Crystal Beach and The Jetties. We were lucky because both days we went we had sunny skies and clear waters…although we also took some sunburns home with us. haha.

We were able to see alot of my family and I am so grateful; we saw my Mema and Pepa, my Uncle Paul and Aunt Candy, my Nana and Papa, my Aunt Colette and my Uncle Kenny. Then the day before we left my french relatives came into town for their holiday; Yves, Annie, and their daughter Celine and her family. I hadnt seen them since I was 11 years old visiting France for Christmas while my mom was pregnant with my littlest brother! Yeah, we were very blessed.

We made tons of good memories that I will cherish forever…and I hope we wont have to wait another 2 years to visit again 😉

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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