BYU-I Graduates!!!

Today was an awesome day! Adam and Ally graduated together!!! Adam got a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, and Ally got her Associates in General Studies 🙂 They are both so awesome! And such a cool experience to see them walk together one right after the other 🙂 Adam’s parents came into town to see them graduate and then we are all kind of going in diff directions:

Adam & John are leaving tomorrow to Oregon to go to a rifle course until July 28th.
Celine & I are leaving to Utah tomorrow, and I will drive back July 28th.
Ally & Brayden & Stacey are driving up to Washington.
David is leaving for Russia for work.

BUT at least we all made it together for a special day! Haha Adam had some stubbly beard going on…so his tassel kept sticking to his face…hilarious!

I am so proud of Adam and the hard work I know it took for him to get this degree. Many many hours of work and brain busting classes, but he pulled it off…and even finished with amazing grades 🙂 Now we have a year until graduate school for him to take a break 😉

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These are our Bits O’Bertoch.

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