Rexburg – The First Chapter of Our Lives

So with us moving next month, it is a bit of a bittersweet moment. We are ready to start the next chapter in our lives…but we have to acknowledge the chapter we have spent in Rexburg, Idaho:

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We wouldn’t have even met and been in Rexburg if it weren’t for us going to school here at BYU-Idaho. I always swore to myself that I wouldnt even get married until I finished my education…but then Adam swept me off my feet and we got married a year before I graduated. Now Adam is getting his Bachelor’s as well 🙂 The Spori building is basically where I lived at because it was the Communications building. We would have taken a picture of the Psychology building, but it was under construction and looked ugly…

IMG_4103 So I know this photo was posted in a previous blog, but this is where it all started for us 🙂 Our singles ward hosted an opening social at Klub Karaoke in Rigby, Idaho and we started a great friendship.

IMG_3574 I was living at Baronnessa Apartments while we started this journey of friendship and love. The apartment was not my favorite, in fact the managing was poor and the apartments themselves were old and a bit run down. We ended up having black mold for months before we realized it, no wonder we were always sick when I lived here! Not to mention…the towing sign that Adam is shaking his head about…they aren’t kidding! Adam had his WRX towed during that time…which eventually led to its long history of breakdowns and eventual trade in for our KIA.

IMG_3500 This beautiful area is towards Driggs, Idaho and it is the first place/date that Adam and I went on that led to more romantic feelings between us. At the time it was still covered in snow, but we did climb that hill in the back and had a good time just talking to listening to music on the drive there as well.

IMG_3531 The sand dunes in St. Anthony are also a big landmark in our relationship because that is where we really got to know eachother on a deeper level for the first time. Me, him, and Merinda went star gazing and had very meaningful conversations, along with the many times we returned ourselves to have bonfires and cuddles in the back of our truck.

IMG_3578 Porter Park will always be special to us because this is where Adam proposed to me 🙂 proposal

IMG_3575 After we were engaged, we moved apartments out of the moldy death to Northgate and Southgate as it used to be called. Now it is called The Gates. Those apartments were awesome. We didnt have the best of roommates in that place, but at least we were engaged and had eachother anyway 😉

IMG_3576 Because we didn’t enjoy our roommates, we would watch movies in the back of my truck here at the Magic Suds laundry mat because it had free wifi haha many nights we escaped here 🙂

IMG_3569 This is the best place to watch sunsets here in Rexburg. Adam and I used to go on drives and talks, we seemed to always end up here to watch the sunset overlooking the valley. Beautiful!ResizedImage_1372391008215

IMG_3568 This park used to not be blocked off. Adam and I used to come here alot as well on our drives. In fact, when Adam and I first hung out, my truck tire had popped here and we had to get it towed back to the city and I was freaking out. Adam put his arm around me for the first time and calmed me down…that’s when I knew he was good for me 😉 We also would come and light off little fireworks in this area, or just to come talk. sparklers 326360_145580612208770_202348243_o

IMG_3580 Duck pond has been another favorite place for us to come when we were dating, engaged, and even now that we are married. We would bring bread to feed the ducks, go exploring in the little wooded area, or even walk the track along the edge 🙂

IMG_3586 Beaver Dick Park is the place to come and camp! Adam and I road our bikes here, camped here, and even waded through the flooding that occurred a couple years ago. It has brought many smiles.

IMG_0920 Of course if we mention Beaver Dick, we cant forget the shooting area that is just past it. I didnt get into shooting guns and really enjoy it until I met Adam and he taught me everything I needed to know about gun safety and the awesome uses for it.

IMG_3579 If you are planning a date in Rexburg, Kiwi Loco Frozen Yogurt is the place to go! Adam and I have been on countless Kiwi Loco runs…and we have never been disappointed.

IMG_3587 IMG_3589 Green Gables apartments is the first apartment we have ever lived in. It is home to many memories and first experiences of married life. 858 Anne Street #2 will always be dear in our hearts 🙂

And last but not least…the Rexburg temple. IMG_3558 The place we got married and have returned to many times to do worship and gain comfort and knowledge. This temple will always hold its own special spot in our hearts 🙂

So there you have it. A walk through Rexburg and the memories it gave us. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have shared here with Adam, and I know we will have many more to make in the next chapter of our lives 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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