Color in Motion 5K-Rexburg

Today was the Color in Motion 5K here in Rexburg! My family came down for Celine’s endowment this weekend, so we all were able to run/walk it as a family! It was seriously so fun! We got covered in colorful powder! To the point where Adam and I had purple boogers! haha. Along the way we passed by Ally and John’s house where they were watching with Brayden, so we got to stop for a second and say hi and share the color love haha. Then we drove back to my apt (hovering in the van as much as possible to not get color everywhere) and made our shower rounds before heading to the temple 🙂 Haha lets just say my shower is a rainbow 😉 I love it and am so glad that my whole family was able to experience it together! And now we are off to the temple, it is a great weekend 🙂

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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