Memorial Day Weekend 2013

So this weekend all of us were home! Celine got her mission call on Friday and opened it down in Utah (Adam and I drove up Saturday night since I had work, so we were on the phone while she opened it). She is going to the TOKYO, JAPAN MISSION! She leaves October 9th, and will learn Japanese! How awesome is that?? I cannot believe it! What is so funny is that my bff Nile Facer is serving there right now and will be coming home next month! Way cool.

This weekend has been packed full of fun! We went bowling, saw the new Star Trek in 3D, played some ultimate family Hit and Run with even a scrimmage game against Idaho (Me, Adam, Lisa, and Bean) and Utah (Mom, Dad, Aj, and Danny) and the Idaho team won by one….yeah we rock 😉 Also, since we were all home for this weekend, Adam and I gave Dad his Father’s Day gift of a plaque that says “MVD: Most Valuable Dad. Coach Will Legge” and everyone signed the clock baseball that sat on top of it 🙂 We then had a hot tub/fire and smores night in the backyard, and just spent good quality time as a family. Great weekend!!! Then tomorrow I have to get a cavity filled (scared face) haha but overall….best memorial day as a family ever 🙂

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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