Lava Hot Springs with the BFF!

Saturday Adam and I met Merinda and Stuart at Lava Hot Springs after I got off work. It was so cool! We had never been there before, and basically it is just a natural hot spring with several pools of different temperatures. You just sit and relax and enjoy good company while you are there. We def had a good time catching up on life, talking to a random weird drunk guy, and trying not to turn into lobsters. Then we went to a local diner for our second dinner and busted a gut from so much laughing. I even spilled my water all over Merinda…but luckily we were still in our swimsuits haha. The waitress was super cool and was full of southern hospitality. It was seriously the best night. Merinda is my bff for reals and the fact that we can have our lovers with us and all get along and have a great time–priceless.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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