Adam’s 26th Birthday!

Today is Adam’s 26th birthday and I wanted to make it better than last year, when he realized he had to sell his WRX. I teamed up with Jenette Whetton from my ward, who is amazing at decorating, and she helped me make the coolest gun cake for him. She used her yummy secret frosting recipe, and I used some bullets… decoration only though 😉 It turned out pretty neat, Jenette is freakin awesome, just sayin.

Adam and I went shooting earlier this week when we had time between my work and his classes. I always love going shooting with him and using the rifle 😉

This morning before I let Adam get out of bed, I decorated the living room with balloons and such. We had our own little candle blowing session for his cake and then played some Black Opps 2 together, enjoying some one on one time.

Adam’s dad was in town and took everyone out to dinner, then we came back and had another candle blow out and had the rest of the cake and just chilled with eachother 🙂 Overall it was a nice and relaxing birthday that Adam wanted and enjoyed…yay!

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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