Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas

So for spring break in between semesters, Adam’s parents gathered the whole family for a last family vacation before Austin leaves for his Brazilian mission on May 1. It was seriously so amazing. Much needed relaxation time for sure! We had the full spa treatment. I had to convince Adam and Austin it wasnt super girly, and they loved it haha. We also had tons of lounging by the pool (John, Austin, Adam, and I had some funny ridiculous games we would play, including harmonizing under water hahah) We went wave running, the boys def loved it, but I preferred being on land with the babies haha. Monopoly games were played and Austin kicked butt at all of them, and he was generous…not crazy like me haha. We also took some family pictures of everyone before Austin left 🙂 Once we returned to Adam’s house we were also able to hang out with Chris and Heather, which is always a treat. They are the coolest couple ever. The trip was def too short. I could have stayed basking in the sun forever! Plus I am going to miss Austin a ton, but he will do amazing on his mission and I look forward to hearing all about it.

But now we are back to the grind stone with work and school. Thankfully Adam has a smaller load than last semester and can have a bit of a breather haha although I must say I am soooo proud of him for getting straight A’s last semester. My man is smart! haha. I think this semester will still be fun 🙂 My sister is back here at school and the sunshine should be coming our way, so life will be fun 🙂

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