Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Convention

So before our trip to Texas (a blog post of that will be coming soon) Adam was in Denver to present his theoretical research paper “Addressing the Problem of Self-Centeredness in Marriage.” He went down with his mentor Brady Wiggins, who was a faculty member in the psych department at BYU-Idaho. While Adam was there attending the convention and other presentations, he also attended a leadership training for PSI CHI – The International Honor Society in Psychology. He was gone for 5 days and then I met him in Texas. I def missed him, but I am so proud of the work that he has done with this research and the effort and heart that I know went into it. Adam was the lead author of this paper at the convention and this paper is in the process of becoming published. For publishing, Adam will be mentioned as one of the authors.

He did great during the question and answering for his portion of presenting, and as usual, was cool as a cucumber and knew his stuff 😉 I am so proud to be married to a man who values marriage and who is doing such great things in his scholarly career 🙂

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P.S. Oh and Adam tried some cool ethnic food while he was there, jealous!

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