Ward Young Women Auction

So yesterday Adam and I were able to go to the ward young women auction and dinner to help raise money for their girls camp budget. I made a cake with a Hawaiian theme, since that is what the theme was for the night, and Adam sang a song for the talent show they put on while everyone ate. I was so nervous about my cake because I felt it looked dumb and I am no cake decorator, but at least it sold at the auction for $5! Haha I was worried I would have to beg people to take it home. Plus Adam wowed the crowd with his amazing voice and talent. (They had no idea he has such an amazing voice 😉 ) and I think at least 7 people came up to him or me letting him know how amazing he did. That’s my talented husband right there!!! The auction itself was so fun. Being a part of the ward laughing and sharing in a common goal and having fun was an awesome experience. I love our ward and we were able to get to know some people better and make some new friends, which is always awesome! Plus I won a bid on 2 free hours of a massage….two please! Haha. It was a great night.










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