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A Beautiful Spring Day

It has become quite beautiful here in Rexburg finally. I am so excited for the warm weather and sunshine. What better way to celebrate than a photoshoot with the cutest family ever! Ally asked me to take some family pictures of them and it was a great experience. I love them 🙂

Before and After IMG_3269edit IMG_3271edit IMG_3276edit IMG_3281edit IMG_3281edit2 IMG_3288edit IMG_3291edit IMG_3292edit IMG_3294edit IMG_3295edit McMurtrey Family

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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Ward Young Women Auction

So yesterday Adam and I were able to go to the ward young women auction and dinner to help raise money for their girls camp budget. I made a cake with a Hawaiian theme, since that is what the theme was for the night, and Adam sang a song for the talent show they put on while everyone ate. I was so nervous about my cake because I felt it looked dumb and I am no cake decorator, but at least it sold at the auction for $5! Haha I was worried I would have to beg people to take it home. Plus Adam wowed the crowd with his amazing voice and talent. (They had no idea he has such an amazing voice 😉 ) and I think at least 7 people came up to him or me letting him know how amazing he did. That’s my talented husband right there!!! The auction itself was so fun. Being a part of the ward laughing and sharing in a common goal and having fun was an awesome experience. I love our ward and we were able to get to know some people better and make some new friends, which is always awesome! Plus I won a bid on 2 free hours of a massage….two please! Haha. It was a great night.










These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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iJump Birthday Celebration!

So iJump had it’s one year birthday on Monday! There was free jumping, prizes, discounts on packages and apparel, and tons of fun! I love being a part of something fun and awesome. I have my own iJump family 🙂 There was a photographer taking pictures, and once we have access to those I will post them, but in the meantime, here are some pics that I took 🙂 On the picture below with the four of us, BreAnn commented that me and her on the left look like sisters, and that Kate and Shae on the right look like sisters. Haha awesome right? We ended up having over 1,200 people come and jump and celebrate our one year anniversary with us 🙂

ijump photo-29 photo-33 photo-34 photo-35578080_506150539421213_1615979599_n


These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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Life and Ally’s Birthday!

Sooooo it has been a few weeks since I have done a blog. Life has been kind of crazy lately. Adam is doing AMAZING in school…but doing so requires him to focus alot, so he is usually immersed in his textbooks or at his internships. It is fine though because I have been getting lots of hours at work, which I am thankful for (more money to put away for our future babies!). So we cherish the few moments we both have downtime together for sure.

Last week was a bit tough emotionally for us. I thought I was pregnant (I was even two weeks late) but it turned out to be negative 😦 and then Adam got a letter from Utah State saying he didnt make it into the Marriage and Family Therapy Program for this fall. So our future plans needed to go back to the drawing board, but it is okay. We know the Lord has plans for us and will take care of us. Adam will be getting his Bachelors this July and then we will be doing some fun traveling to see family 🙂 Adam is going to apply again next year to Utah State and a couple different places and we shall see where we are supposed to go 🙂 I was super sad about not being pregnant too, but I know my babies will come when it is time.

On a bright note! Ally had her birthday yesterday so we had some fun at our apt for her 🙂 It is always fun hanging out with them, and getting to play with my little Brayden! Man I love that kid!

photo14 photo photo1 photo3 photo6 photo13 photo5 photo7 photo9 photo8 photo12 photo11 photo10


These are our Bits O’Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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