Double Date Night With Besties!

So my bestie Merinda and her boo Stuart came over for a movie date night 🙂 It was so fun having the four of us hang out together. Merinda has been my bestest friend when we were both little silly freshmen in college…and now I am married and she is just about there and we are still bestest friends. Sharing with eachother milestones in our lives and enjoying every second of it. I am so happy that our boo’s get along as well…makes our lives alot easier haha. I hope she will live close to us someday and always so that our kids and grow up together and get married and live happily ever after…and the Merinda and I can be the old senile grandmas sitting on the porch snapping at kids and laughing about the good ole days haha. Sound like a plan Mer? I think so! haha.

Too bad Adam and I were getting over a silly head cold that has been going around. We sound like death haha. But we still had fun tonight 🙂 Merinda and Stuart brought me oreo dream balls…so of course they are my favorite people hahha.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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