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Juicing for Health!

No…I do not mean steroid use…I mean juicing fruits and vegetables 🙂

Adam and I were watching this documentary on Netflix called “Hungry for Change” about nutrition and all of the different vitamins and minerals our bodies need, and they recommended juicing to help get them. Obviously there are extreme people who only juice and dont eat other things, that is not what Adam and I feel is best…but we do feel juicing is important. We went and got a simple juicer from Walmart and tried it out.

Oh my goodness. I feel great! We just have some juice in the morning with breakfast and it gives us energy for the day and it makes us feel full and fulfilled 🙂 I found some cool recipes online, but so far our favorites include: celery/kale/spinach/grapes/apples, and ginger root/lemon/apple/carrot/celery, and spinach/strawberries/pineapple/cucumber. They taste very sweet and fresh, and the juicer leaves no pulp, so I am one happy camper. What is nice is the fact that I can make some juice the night before and drink it for breakfast before work to give me energy 🙂 Adam says it has helped him not feel as groggy before his tests and internship/classes. We do still eat fruits and vegetables and our usual food, but the juicing helps give us the extra oomph for our bodies, and it feels awesome. I am super stoked about it and eagerly trying new recipes for different tastes 🙂 I know the juice doesnt look appetizing…but I promise it is delicious 🙂

photo-236 photo-237 photo-238 photo-240 photo-241 photo-243 photo-244

haha plus, when I have days at work with tons of birthday parties….I def need to have a good meal to keep me going….this is tomorrow…wish me luck! haha


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