Keeping Busy!

So this year has already been a busy one! Between me getting more hours at work (which I am def thankful for) and Adam doing his internship/research proposal/ and a full load of classes…I am just happy that we get to go to bed together every night haha. Adam did spend a few days in Texas before school started, so that was good for him to spend some time with the fam 🙂 This semester he def has his nose to the grindstone, and I am proud of him for it. He works hard 🙂 Plus with my work schedule, he doesnt have to feel bad for spending so much time on his hw and other projects.

I have been loving work more and more, which is a super cool feeling, because I have never had a job I was excited to go to before haha. I am pretty pro status as a party planner, not gunna lie 😉 And the iFitness class I help teach still kicks my booty haha. I am not super happy about the tax increases this year from my paycheck…but nothing I can do about it. Lame.

With my calling in church I have also been involved in planning and advertising for our monthly relief society activities 🙂 It is so weird to actually be a part of the meetings now, instead of hovering in the background while my mom is in the meetings haha.

Adam has also been loving his internship so far. He is already helping some of the boys in the juvenile correction facility and learning some great tips for what to do and what not to do in a group therapy session. He has been affirmed with his love for this avenue of a career, so he is def thankful for that confirmation. I know he will do great in this field. He can care and be professional at the same time…while I am just a blubbering mess even hearing examples about some of the boys’ lives. I think I will leave therapy to him 😉

The weather is finally winter here with negative temperatures and icy roads. Our power even went out for a few hours one of the particularly colder days. Thankfully our KIA is a trooper on the ice and I am not as afraid to drive to work with it, which helps our gas for sure.

Overall, we are doing our best to stay warm and survive the craziness with our different schedules. Lucky for us, we make those moments and days we have time together worth it 🙂 I still love our life 🙂

P.S. Here are some random pics from the last couple weeks: Adam with his brothers and rifles in Texas, his DNA projects, a relief society coupon advertisement I made, and some other randoms 🙂

photo-209 photo-216 photo-212 photo-213 IMG_20130105_120847_145 IMG_20130105_111000_435 IMG_8931 IMG_20130105_123551_287 photo-214 photo-215 photo-217 IMG_20130114_200459_821 IMG_20130114_195501_619 photo-210 photo-211

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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