Hit & Run and Gingerbread House Dates

Random title I know…but that is how random this past week has been! So our car was hit in our apartment complex. Our brand new Kia Forte…that we have barely had for 6 months. Yeah. It looked like it was backed into, and the person just hit it and left. I was going to work when I noticed that our car was damaged…I couldnt even open the driver door because of the weird dent that was made. I was soooooooo mad. I took the truck to work while Adam talked to our neighbors, called the police to file a report, and deal with insurance claims. It is a good thing Adam was the one talking to the people…he was alot nicer than I would have been I am sure haha. We never did figure out who hit us. By the type of dent left, we think it was some kind of truck…but the people who drove a truck to our apt compex alot were only visitors, and they havent been back since. Imagine that. Well, long story short. Our insurance took care of us for sure. I love USAA. Best insurance people ever. The damage cost around $1200 to get fixed, but I have a $500 deductible, so that is all we had to pay. Although I was still mad we had to even pay anything at all for our brand new freakin car that was hit by a…..okay….I’ll be nice haha. USAA hooked us up with a rental car while it is getting fixed, since Adam and I have work and school that we need two cars for. We got a Chevy Impala. It is pretty nice for sure…but I will be happy to have my car back.

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On a brighter note.

We had a gingerbread house double date at our apartment! Chace and Celine, Adam and I, and Tawnii came as the ultimate judge. It was a ton of fun! I made enchiladas with rice and beans…that way when we pig out on the candy…at least we had a dinner first šŸ˜‰ haha. Adam and I were not very coordinated with our gingerbread house. The first one fell apart, and the second one I just made it look like a log cabin. I actually decided it was Santa’s back up sleigh garage, and Adam added that it was involved with time travel to help Noah with the animals in the ark, since we had animal crackers on it šŸ˜‰ Haha it won us the most creative story award from Tawnii. Chace and Celine were alot more prepared and organized in their approach for their gingerbread house. Chace was the ultimate architect and Celine helped adorn it with icing structure and decoration haha. They won the gingerbread house award because theirs was amazing and they actually built a real gingerbread house haha. Tawnii made one too…and thank goodness she was the judge because she was pretty much the gingerbread house expert and kicked all our butts lol. The icing was an adventure in and of itself. I first made it into ziplock bags to be able to cut the corner and use it to decorate correctly…and well….I cut the corner way too big, Chace followed my example, and we had a mess on our hands haha Tawnii was the only one who cut the corner right. So then I made a whole new batch and we just dipped out of the bowl. Chace and Celine were brave enough to use their fingers to get things more precise. Good thing they were a team, because I could not handle it on my hands haha. They were cute together though with their crusty icing fingers…they just werent allowed to touch anything hahha. Overall it was a great night. We had our Christmas tunes playing, sugar rushes from the many choices of candy (even all flavor jelly beans like popcorn…mmm haha) and tons of laughs and stories šŸ™‚ Perfect double date night to end the semester right šŸ˜‰

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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  1. I got gingerbread on one of my droid bionics! šŸ˜€

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