Tawnii’s Big 21!!!

Tawnii turns 21 tomorrow, but I had work tomorrow night so we celebrated tonight 🙂 It was so much fun! We had cake and ice cream (her favorite is lemon, so it was cool to make a lemon cake….and I actually liked the lemon taste!) and then we headed over to the school bowling alley. This was actually Chace’s first time bowling, and he was a trooper for sure! He even made some strikes! Tawnii, I swear she hustled us, because she made such a comeback haha. We played three games and hoot and hollered until our voices were hoarse. The black lights came on during our second game, and we had crazy music to get us in the mood. Haha although with the loud music, sometimes hearing each other becomes a problem and everyone thought I said “swing it girl” to Chace hahhaha good times!!! I won overall in the end (okay…so maybe I was the one who was the hustler haha) but Adam def won the last game and blew me out of the water….maybe it is because I kept egging on how much I was winning…hmmm haha. It is so fun hanging out with Tawnii and Chase and having them next door. Happy Birthday Tawnii! Woot woot for 21!!!! 😉

haha oh and the out of order sign was on one of the emergency “help” things around campus….someone wrote pray on it hahah cracked us up.

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These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

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