Boys Weekend

So since I work weekends now, and Adam is in school, I rarely get to go home to see my family at all. I havent seen them since this summer! And I live three hours away! It is a crime! So, I found out I have Monday and Tuesday off this week, and we are closed on Sundays, so I decided to go down to Utah. I felt kind of bad for leaving Adam, cuz we pretty much are never apart…but he understood. In fact, Austin came down for the weekend so they had a totes fun boys date! Haha. They went and saw me at iJump before I left for Utah, went shooting, had some yummy foods, (I made them a batch of enchiladas so they would just have to pop it in the oven…no hassle haha) and they watched movies and camped out in the living room. They needed some boy bonding time haha while I am home having my mom bonding time! lol. Here are some pics from their adventures. They sure crack me up. I love how silly they are when they are together…also…Yes. Austin is wearing my shirt. He came to my work and I was like Heyyyy I have that shirt!!! He was like yeah…it is yours. I laughed so hard! It didn’t look bad on him either haha.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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One thought on “Boys Weekend

  1. Aaron says:

    Did ya find a rabbit??? 🐰💥💥💥💥💀

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