Bonfire Triple Date Night

Triple date night at the dunes…best date ever. We made smores, had yummy cookies that Tawnii made, and enjoyed the flames and the good time spent with eachother 🙂 It was Me and Adam, Chace and Celine, and Tawnii and her friend Joel. Ironically enough, Adam and Joel have had a couple classes together, so they knew eachother…small world! haha. It was a great night though, one to remember for sure. We were lucky enough to not have snow at the dunes, so it wasnt too terribly cold, plus we all came back to our apartment after for hot cocoa 🙂 We even tried to go exploring at one point…only to stumble upon another campfire and make it awkwardly back to ours haha. We also would huddle by the fire as it was turning into coals…we looked like a bunch of hoodlums standing around a fire hahha it was hilarious! I am super glad we had this triple date! First dates are fun for the dunes too 😉 Not to mention shoving people on front porches…but it’s okay 😉 We all had fun 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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