Halloween 2012!

So I havent really celebrated Halloween in a couple years because I havent had any real opportunities to do so. However, this year as a staff at iJump, we dressed up and handed out candy and had a blast! I had so much fun! I went as a ghost from PacMan, and I couldnt pass up a hot pink wig…so I went as a girly ghost PacMan 😉 haha. It was fun seeing all the different costumes that would come to our store and jump. Celine and her roommate Lisa came as well. Celine went as a whoopie cushion and Lisa went as a cute sailor. Celine ended up winning one of our hourly costume contests and won a free jump pass. It was a great night. I made some cool friends and ate my heart out in candy haha. Then Adam and I went and saw Merinda who is in town! She came for one of her old roommates’ Halloween parties, so I went and had to see her! She dressed up as a Cheshire cat and was so cute. We will be hanging out soon for sure!

Poor Adam was not really able to celebrate Halloween by dressing up or anything. He had tons of homework and had his GRE prep course that night. (A Grad school test to get in, he is taking a prep course for it.) So to make it up I would try to bring him home goodies and we went and got him a lunchable from the store too. I love him for working so hard at school and taking a huge load but still getting good grades 🙂

This year Halloween was pretty awesome 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch


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