FHE – Friends and Shooting

For FHE this week we went shooting with our neighbors Tawnii and Chace 🙂 They recently moved in next door and they are super cool 🙂 It had been a while since they had gone shooting, and they have never shot a pistol, so we had them join us for FHE where we would be shooting targets and having tons of fun. It was a blast. Our lesson was on the Title of Liberty in Alma 46, where Moroni rents his coat and talks to his army about fighting for freedom and religion and family. I made peanut butter butterscotch cookies for a treat 🙂

Adam had sighted in his rifle and it was hitting dead on…so we all looked like pros 😉 haha. (btw, no guns were pointed at anybody…the pictures make it look like it, but they are angled away haha it is hard to tell in the pics, but I promise they were not pointed at anyone!…and Adam closed his eyes in one of the pics…classic…haha I love him!)

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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