Summer Break Part 2-Utah

Here is part two! We have officially concluded our 7 week break! We spent the last couple weeks with my family in Layton, Utah.

Hiking Adam’s Canyon:

Yes, it was indeed called Adam’s canyon….and it was by far the hardest hike I have been on! I was under the impression it would be dirt and uphill…but I had no idea there would be parts that we would have to basically rock climb and try not to fall into creek beds! It was an adventure for sure!! Celine took Adam and I and was my hero…she pushed me along when I was clinging to a rock saying I can’t make it any further…but we made it to the wonderful waterfall at the top….4 miles roundtrip…


We went to the local wave pool called Surf and Swim, and we had a blast! Those waves were pretty strong, and the diving portion on the other side of the pool had the boys excited too 😉

Get Air…A Trampoline Heaven:

There is this place called Get Air that has a whole room full of trampolines that you can bounce from one side to the other and do cool tricks. There is also a foam pit that is linked to a trampoline, so that you can do flips into the pit. It was sooooooooo much fun!!!! But boy…after an hour you are definitely pooped!!!

My 22nd Birthday Celebration:

So since my birthday was on a Sunday, Adam and I celebrated it earlier in the week and went to a family fun center called Boondocks. It has everything from mini golf, batting cages, go carts, bowling, laser tag…etc. Then on Sunday we had yummy cake and did the family portion of it 🙂 I got some amazing cross trainer shoes and a watch that helps with heart rate monitoring and tracking everything! 😀

(Celine served me breakfast in bed) (My own huge cupcake cake….and I enjoyed it!) (Watch Adam got me…along with my fastest mile time so far!)

Ice Skating and Parks:

We went to the ice skating rink in Bountiful, and Adam actually did really well! There is also a cute park down the road from my parents house that we walked to and played some games of “ninja”…it was pretty intense haha.

Celine’s 18th Birthday Celebration:

Celine’s birthday is going to be while she is here in Idaho, so we decided to have her celebration while we were all together in Utah 🙂 She made cute little chocolate chip muffins and wanted everyone to be able to blow out a candle…such a cutie 🙂


We definitely know how to have fun!! It was amazing to be able to spend time with my family for longer than just a weekend lol. We also went to Logan with my parents (I should have taken more pics dangit!) And we went to the Logan Temple together 🙂 We also went and looked at the Utah State University campus to get a feel for it…and we love it! It is our number one right now for Adam’s masters choices…now to start applying! haha. He only has 3 more semesters for his bachelor’s right now 🙂

We are back in Rexburg for Adam’s next semester and eagerly awaiting Celine’s arrival on campus as a freshman 😉

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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