Summer Break Part 1-Washington/Oregon

So I know I have been a bit MIA the past couple of weeks…but I wanted to do one massive blog post about our adventures! We have been visting Adam’s family in Washington and Oregon for the first half of our 7 week break 🙂


We went up Badger Mountain in the Tri-Cities area. Stacey, Austin, Adam, and I went up. It was a beautiful day 🙂

We also went up to Mount Rainier with our crew and Bryan’s crew. Went went on two different trails. One had tons of trees and the other had an amazing waterfall.

Then on the way to Scott’s house in Oregon, we hiked up Multnomah Falls. This one was pretty steep heading up, but it was amazing at the top of the falls. Stacey, Austin, Adam, and I made it 🙂

Clark County Fair:

While we were visting Scott in Oregon, we went to the county fair. We went on tons of rides…enough for my stomach for a while that’s for sure! Note to self: while on rides with Adam and Austin where you can control your own car….beware of the amount of G’s you will be pulling! Haha. We were also able to get some anniversary presents while we were there 😉 Adam got a new wedding ring (he has been wearing a walmart special because his other ring doesn’t fit) and I got an engraved ring that has our names and anniversary date on it. Best thing ever!

Mount Hood Ski Resort:

Also while in Oregon, we went to the ski resort there that had a totally awesome Apline Slide (which is a half mile plastic slide that you ride down on something similar to a go cart). It was awesome! The ski lift to the top was a bit scary though haha. They also had batting cages there and Adam was a beast! He should have played baseball that’s for sure! 😉


Since we were in Oregon, we had to go to the Oregon Coast. It was a bit chilly near the water, but the salt water taffy was to die for…and Adam even got me a cute necklace!


While we were visting Monica in Yakima Washington, they took us to this super cute German town 🙂 Melissa also introduced us to P90x…hardcore!


Whew!! As you can see…it has been a busy couple of weeks! Adam also showed me his mission areas around Spokane and Coeur d’alene. I wish I had some pictures to show! But I was so engrossed in the areas he was showing me that I forgot 🙁 But it was a special experience to be shown the house he lived in and the streets he taught on while serving the Lord 🙂

Now we will be in Utah visiting my family for the next couple weeks before heading back to Rexburg. So stay tuned for part two! 😉

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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