I am slacking!

I realize that I have been a bit MIA these past couple weeks. Alot has happened in our little family! This is just a quick post, more details later, but we got a new car! We traded in Adam’s WRX for a new KIA Forte SX. We will have pictures coming soon once we have the spoiler attached and some other nifty things on it. Life has been crazy!

I am just trying to survive and get through my last semester before I graduate. So many projects and appointments and such! It will actually be a nice break once I graduate now that I am thinking about it haha.

Speaking of graduation, my sister Celine is going to be graduating from high school in a couple weeks and I cannot wait to go down to Utah and support her! She is coming up here in the Fall for school and I can’t be more excited!

Adam has been working hard this semester as well. These upper level classes in psych and philosophy are no joke! But he has been doing awesome and getting good grades, my smart handsome hubby 🙂

I promise I will have more pics and such soon, but things have just been so intense and busy, I haven’t had much time! So here is a quick little memo about what is going on 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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