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So the week in between the winter and spring semester at BYU-Idaho, Adam and I had the opportunity to fly down to Texas and spend time with his family and soak up the sun! It has been a blast! We leave tomorrow back for Rexburg to start school on Tuesday, but since we have been here we have had some fun adventures. 🙂

We went to the Blue Bell ice cream factory and took a tour, which was super fun and it is definitely the best ice cream in America for sure! We also went to the beach (even though it ended up being super windy…and doesnt compare to Florida beaches haha) but it was still super fun, just hanging out and getting lost and such lol.

We did really good about going to the gym about every day, and man, the thicker weather sure makes running and catching your breath alot harder than I thought haha.

It has been so nice spending time with family and friends here and visiting Adam’s home. We had Easter egg time with my cute little nephew Marcus, had some pool and tanning time, and we even got to test drive some cars with Austin and see some good movies. The options for food here is amazing, and I think I need to open up a Smoothie King in Idaho for sure! Adam even spoiled me with some super yummy dates including Rudy’s BBQ, and my first ever hibachi grill experience! It was seriously so cool.

It has definitely been a fun break, and now to get ready for the next semester of more fun and school!!!

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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