Things I Find Satisfying and Wonderful

I was laying in bed last night talking with Adam about the day and I remember feeling so satisfied. I was happy. We had just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy together (yes, he watches it with me, after sweetly asking, haha I just need someone there to be shocked or happy or angry with me when things happen!) and I noticed that such a simple thing made me feel good, so I started thinking of things that give that much needed sigh of happiness or extra dose of excitement.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

-Taking a long hot shower that causes plenty of steam in the bathroom so you’re NOT getting goosebumps from being cold once you step out.
-Realizing your favorite shirt is clean, and the jeans look great with them.
-Making the perfect amount at dinner for however many people are there.
-Rolling over in bed, and seeing your cute husband sleeping next to you.
-Sweating like a pig after a good workout.
-A very long yawn, and a huge sneeze that leaves you almost exhausted haha.
-Realizing you have a Grey’s Anatomy episode to watch online.
-Going to the temple with friends and family.
-A warm hoodie on a cold day. (Also, a warm bed on a cold morning)
-When Adam winks at me from across the room or in public.
-Eating exactly what you are in the mood for.
-Laughing at Adam and I’s morning hair in the morning. (I have a lions mane normally and Adam’s hair looks like someone made all his hair stand up on one side.)
-A full tank of gas.
-Thinking your favorite snack is gone, and as you throw the box away, there is one delectable treat at the bottom.
-Watching scary movies in a scary place, sandwiched by your husband and best friend. Then laughing when your husband only jumps as a result of you and your best friend screaming.
-A perfect, scratch free, coat of nail polish.
-Referencing a funny quote that people actually understand and laugh at.
-Walking through a store and Adam grabs my hand 🙂
-Saving 15% or more on car insurance……hahah just kidding. (Although Im sure the people who do feel good too lol)
-Taking the perfect picture…as well as taking a horrible picture that you giggle at and want to hide under a rock for a couple days haha.
-When I do my hair and makeup and Adam notices 🙂 (Or when he calls me pretty even without doing it.)
-When you think a cop is driving behind you because you were speeding, only to see him turn on a diff road.
-Laughing at texts at an awkward time…or knowing that your text caused someone to do that..(haha sorry Merinda!)
-When you’re so tired that you cant stop yourself from giggling at everything!
-Doing everything you planned to do for the day.
-A sparkly clean house and relaxing afterward with a good book.
-Finding a piece of gum at the bottom of your purse that you KNOW you need.
-When you wake up for the day and you’re actually ready to be up, not trying to bury your head under the pillow for “5 more minutes.”
-Singing as loud as you can in the car to your favorite songs.
-Playing guitar/piano with Adam. (We will record one day and put it on here I promise.)
-When you read a funny story or quote that pretty much defines your entire life and relationship.
-Adam’s celebratory “yeah!” when he finishes a really difficult angry bird level.
-Being all caught up on your homework! And knowing that there was actual effort put in!
-Stepping on the scale and seeing your hard work pay off.
-When my wonderful husband knocks all the snow and ice off my truck for my 7:45am class…cuz he knows I am too lazy and will drive seeing through whatever the windshield wipers will wipe off haha
-A fresh hair cut that makes you feel good.
-Silly sloppy kisses with my hubby that leave us in a fit of giggles.
-Luscious baby skin and their adorableness!
-And last but not least, being affectionate with my super sexy and amazing husband!

So I know I could have gone on forever, but I wouldnt want to be the reason people develop the need for glasses….sooooooooo that is all. lol.

I just think people should enjoy the random funny things and sweet moments that life give you. If you cant learn to laugh…then go get your vocal chords removed….hahah jk.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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2 thoughts on “Things I Find Satisfying and Wonderful

  1. Celine says:

    Dude this made me laugh because some of these things I totally agree with, especially when people get my movie quotes haha or when your hanging with your best friend and you laugh till you feel your going to drop dead.

  2. Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea. Jim Rohn

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