Bring it on!

So this semester has started with a bang! Between a full class load and working part time, you really learn how to manage your time! I have never been much of an expert on managing time, but I tell you what…I am now getting the hang of it! Secretly I like being busy….but dont tell Adam that…haha he sees me come home all tired and is sad for me…but I thrive on it lol. Adam has been applying to many jobs and a couple have been a maybe so we shall see! He is pretty excited. We still go to the gym together when I get home from work and that is so nice. I enjoy that time with him when we work out, it’s the similar feeling of being on a sports team and having such a good support system. 🙂

He has also been the best husband ever by cleaning and cooking alot more while I am busy or come home super tired…I love him so much!

Well, so far we have survived week one without going crazy, and I even get 7 hours of sleep a night…who knew??? Haha I also just got my next birth control shot….this should be fun for the next week…haha.

Bring it on Winter 2012 semester. Bring. It. On.

 my school schedule in case you were curious. Then I go to work for a couple hours, then we go to the gym together and then go home and I do my homework! Whew! If this isnt preparing me to be that awesome soccer mom I wanna be, I dont know what else is! haha.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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