The $5 Christmas Cheer!

Haha okay okay so maybe not miracle, but I gotta admit, today we got a cool little surprise. In the mail I got this advertisement from the Smith Chevrolet dealership saying I was a winner. Normally I would think it’s just a scam, but there was a scratch off on it that matched the winning numbers…it was too much curiosity for me. Adam and I went there (after getting lost for like a half hour because of my stupid GPS and me not listening to Adam when he knew where it was) and they told us that we did actually win! A gift card to Walmart!……for $5. Haha at first Adam and I cracked jokes about what we were going to do with $5…but then we had a great idea! Christmas lights! We went to Walmart and they were on sale for only 3 bucks! It was so pretty! We werent even going to decorate anything this year because we are going to be in Texas, but we couldnt pass this up. Then my brilliant husband had the idea to put green sticky notes on our light outside and it turned it a very nice Christmasy green! I love my husband and his amazing ideas 🙂
Thank you Smith Chevrolet….for the $5 gift of Christmas cheer. 😉

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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