25 Reasons Why Being Married is the Best

So I know I have mentioned that I love being married, and my blog talks about our life, but I want to dedicate this post mainly about the being married part that is so totally awesome. I dont want to make the single people feel bad, because I have sooooo been there, hating and loving anything about marriage at the same time. But dont worry, this will just give you something to look forward to and not to believe the seemingly more negative comments in the media about marriage.

25 Reasons Why Being Married is the Best:

1. I never have to go to bed alone.
2. I  get to have a permanent partner when I play mario karts on the wii.
3. Adam still kisses me in the morning before I have even become presentable.
4. We get to have our own apartment together and be alone instead of suffering through certain roommates we wouldnt have chosen.
5. I get to have my own kitchen and get to decide where everything is!
6. I no longer have to put in a maintenance report for leaking faucets or internet issues…I just ask Adam!
7. Adam keeps me from buying things I dont need.
8. I keep Adam from buying things he doesnt need.
9. We get to go grocery shopping together.
10. All of our holidays are spent together, no more separation during thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.
11. We can go for a drive in the middle of the night if we are bored…just because we can.
12. When I have a nightmare, or I am grinding my teeth at night pretty bad, Adam puts his arms around me and calms me down…even while I am asleep. (Sometimes I even saw “awww” in my sleep…hahah wow can you tell I am a romantic? lol)
13. We save water when we shower now.
14.  We have a white erase board that we use for lists and other things we need, except it turns into a love board, writing little notes to eachother.
15. At the end of the day from classes and work, we always end up home together.
16. Adam loves to vacuum, and that’s the only thing I have a hard time with, we make a good cleaning pair. (He also does the dishes alot when I cook! Keeper!)
17. We dont have to worry about weird looks when we smack eachother’s butt’s in passing, or leaving a room.
18. We can play our music in peace without roommates being annoying about it. (They just don’t understand our musical fusion haha)
19. Having a ring on your finger allows you to kiss in public and get an “aww they are a cute married couple,” and not an “I cant believe they are kissing in public, those heathens.” haha only in Idaho.
20. I don’t have to worry about not having a date on the weekends because I have a perma date with my hubby every day of the week!
21. The church ward no longer pushes for people to “mingle,” because we are already hitched.
22. I don’t have to worry about all of my embarrassing photos or videos anymore, because Adam is already stuck with me! 
23. I get to have satisfaction when I run into people who are ridiculously marriage hungry (in a very unhealthy and annoying way) and tell them I am married and that I didn’t even have to look for Adam.
24. I have someone who has to listen to my day and all my random thoughts and love them no matter what hahah. It is just nice knowing I have a best friend who I am in love with and who is with me forever.
25. I get to kiss him anytime I want…. -Sweet Home Alabama

Well there you have it. I could have posted many more, but I will spare those who have acid re-flux. 😉

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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