Hodge Podge

So I couldnt decide on one topic for this post….so that is why it’s called Hodge Podge haha.

I kinda wanted to make this sort of a catch up blog on our life so far:

-My ankle is starting to heal and I have been going to the gym and doing some physical therapy for it to strengthen it. I sometimes work it too hard, but I just want it to get better dang it!
-We celebrated Halloween with Ally and John and had some chili, movies, and a very….interesting cake. Haha it was a disaster, but oh so delicious! The cake was crumbling when we tried to frost it and the fondant would not cooperate…so we just ate it as it was and made it into a pacman cake hahah we were laughing so hard. It was a fun night…even though only like 2 trick or treaters came to the door. They looked so cute! Adam wouldnt let me take one home haha.
-My internship has about a month left. I am a Multi-Media Assistant with the Rexburg Standard Journal. I love the opportunity I have, but I have a hard time staying busy haha, which makes me organize and plan. I have never been so organized in my life.
-I registered for classes today for next semester. I am almost there! Only next semester and the summer session and I am done 🙂
-Adam has his car in the shop for his door to get fixed. The door check somehow lost a bolt and made a little crack and keeps making a sound, so we are getting that welded and fixed this week, so we are using my truck alot more.
-The birth control shot must has been a different brand than I normally get because I am super emotional lately! Like sheesh! I even took a pregnancy test to make sure it wasnt that, but nope…a huge dose of hormones that are still regulating. Please hang in there with me Adam!
-We had a snow storm this past weekend. I am not a huge snow person. I lived in Alaska, and that was enough for me, but John and Adam are super excited for the snow. All I can think of are cold hands, wet pants and socks, and chapped noses from the cold wind. Haha needless to say, I am glad it melted so far. Please stay a little longer Fall!
-Adam got a 100% on his philosophy test! I am so proud of him! He is so smart, it blows my mind. I know he is happy to be off-track next semester though, between his philosophy class and behavioral neurobiology class…his brain pretty much is mush every night haha.
-We went to Utah this past weekend, and it is always nice being with family 🙂

Well, this is my hodge podge post. I didnt feel like I had anything super exciting this week that deserved a blog to itself….so consider this a hybrid haha.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

P.S. Adam thinks more people like snow, and I beg to differ, so take our poll to help us see who wins!

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