Pillow Talk

Dont sit there pretending you dont know what I am talking about…it is only the most amazing thing on the entire planet! I LOVE pillow talk!

Pillow talk, for those who may not know, is where you stay up late talking about anything and everything. Stupid things sound smart, smart things dont make sense, and things that normally wouldnt be funny are now the most hilarious thing you have ever heard. It is where secrets are shared, giggle fits occur, and friendships are sealed.

I have always been a huge fan of pillow talk, obviously haha but when I think about it, I have certain people in mind. I would like to give a shout out to them in order.

I have had pillow talk starting way back with my little sister Celine 🙂 I remember nights as kids when her and I would sneak into eachothers’ rooms to have ‘girl talk’. Every weekend she would sleep in my bed with me and we would talk late into the night. Sometimes I would prank and scare her….but she still loves me 😉

Me and Beans (Celine)

 sleeping at birch lake.

 haha this picture just makes me laugh. You can tell we are related because we did not plan that face. We were both just reacting.

Then I got to college and had roommates. I had Nile as a roommate my freshmen year, and I cannot tell you how many nights we would say we are going to bed…only to jump into our bunk beds so we can have pillow talk. Sometimes it would even be until 3 in the morning! Just talking about life or funny things that have happened. We would have really good advice sessions where we would talk about our lives and about the church and deep discussions about it.  I have very fond memories of bunk bed pillow talk with nile. 🙂

Me and Nile

 Nile and I heading back from Utah

 Our freshmen year…there was a certain fellow that we would give looks to hahah. BTW that was indeed a peanut butter twix in my hand. Only the best twix ever. Just sayin.

Merinda and I

Then Merinda became my roommate and we had tons of pillow talks as well! Since we werent in bunk beds anymore, we would sometimes end up sleeping in the same twin bed….yes twin bed. Hahaha. I remember endless nights of nothing but wheezing and giggling. We would have serious talks as well about life and what we interpreted certain gospel principles to be and such. Pillow talk with Merinda was super duper fun too 🙂

 Just us being goofy before heading out somewhere.

 Haha I know this picture is probably hideous but I love it because it is super late and we were just talking and listening to music….til I whipped out my photobooth to capture our death looking moment haha.

And last but not least…Adam and I

As I have gotten married, I now have my husband to have pillow talk with, and it’s the best 🙂 We cuddle and talk about anything and everything. Sometimes we get really silly and just giggle about dumb things. We like to talk about our future and what our kids will be like and where we will live once we are out of school and such. Other times we will talk about aspects of when we were dating and what we were really thinking in some situations haha. I love pillow talk with my wonderful husband  and cannot wait for the bagillion more nights of it 🙂

 When we were dating we would always have nerf fights in our apartment.

 We were at a drive in movie..and ever so happy.

There you have it. My evolution of pillow talk…chronologically haha. I think it is good for the soul (spongebob reference) to have someone you can have pillow talk with, because it really is the best thing ever.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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