An Average Date With Adam and I

So on Saturday Adam and I decided that we wanted to take a break from working (mainly him from his homework lol) and do something together 🙂 We had gotten a gift card in the mail for target and decided to hit it up in Idaho Falls. While browsing the aisles hand in hand and full of love, we finally found what we wanted–windshield wipers for Adam’s car. Haha okay so it was what we needed, BUT I was also able to get these adorable magnets for the fridge….they were labeled and everything! I love organizing! haha totally worth it.

We then had a late lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and had some amazing wings. Between the millions of tv screens that were breaking our necks and secretly making fun of the loud drunks that were yelling at the different games–we were pretty entertained. We even played the “Guess why those people are awkward” games. We look for awkward people and try to figure out why they are so awkward. lol.

Then after short walk around the river of Idaho Falls before it was too cold and windy (and by short we meant 5 minutes) we headed for game stop to see if there was anything worth getting.

There was.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn. No, dont start laughing yet. It is amazing! Adam and I spent hours playing late into the night. It is entirely made out of yard and the graphics are something I hadnt seen before. It has the cutest soundtrack and levels, and the “coins” are made out of jewels…it’s my kind of game. It’s the best. In the game they give us a little house to decorate with Kirby (Adam) and Kirby’s friend King Poof. (Me.) You can even take photos for the photo album of how you decorated your little house. We have everything from chandeliers to pink electric guitars to a polar bear bed. And if you wait long enough, the little Kirby’s fall asleep into an adorable puddle of yarn. Needless to say, our photo album is already full.

I doubt you have had a date day like us….haha.

The blue ball is my character. They can change into the shapes needed to get the job done. Here Kirby is using King Poof as a baseball to attack the bad guys. Isnt it the cutest thing?

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

One thought on “An Average Date With Adam and I

  1. Adam Bertoch says:

    HAHA so true hun! Our date was amazing and people are totally a means to our entertainment ends, and that’s okay because I know full well I have entertained others’ with my antics and Cassie with her “classiness” (clumsy and cassie put into a self-labeling term). There will be plenty more where that date came from babe.
    Love you,

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