Since when do colors define us? Oh yeah…when it turns out 90% true haha.

As a result of not being able to run and jump around, I have been doing alot of reading. (Yes, I actually have a library card now…crazy! haha). And I got this book called “The Color Code” and in it you take a test to see which of the 4 personality colors you fit into, and what kind of relationships different colors have. Naturally I took test and made Adam take it too. It was quite the interesting diagnosis. I ended up being the color “BLUE” and Adam ended up being the color “WHITE.” I went through and designed a page that highlighted some of the points it made in the book for both colors and how those relationships are:

It is so crazy how a book can be pretty accurate with our personalities. Granted, not every trait in this book is 100% how Adam and I are, but they hit alot of the main points for sure I think!

This activity was alot of fun, and we spent most of the evening talking about the things that were so true and that made alot more sense now that it was addressed in this book. Haha. Go figure. I really recommend taking the test to find out which color you are, it can be pretty trippy!

Let us know which color you turned out to be if you took it! 🙂

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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