One Intense Weekend full of Laughs, Tears, and Colorful Lights.

So this has been quite the weekend! Other then the fact that my foot has now become a painter’s pallet of blues and I am under a constant stream of pain medications…my mom and sister came to town! They came Friday morning and I was just unable to contain how excited I was! I was literally waiting at the window like a puppy! haha. It was a good day! I gave Celine a whole tour of campus (she is going to be applying here at BYUI next year…cant wait!) and it was good! Then we all went to Beaver Dick Park (haha the park mentioned in my camping one). I had to prove Celine that it was indeed a real place and I was not just pulling her leg lol. It was soooooo wonderful having them here! We watched movies and had a nice long conversation. Just spending time together as a family was so awesome. Unfortunately Celine got sick and they had to leave Saturday morning instead of Sunday. But we still had fun! Then that night Merinda, Adam, and I all went to Guitars Unplugged! It was so good! Better than we have seen in a while. It made us get bit by the music bug…adam and I may be practicing for next semesters show. We shall see! The lights were so cool! I was mesmerized haha.

Haha also…I just got my birth control injection…and let me tell you…3 months worth of hormones in one dose…makes one emotional wife! Mix that with my foot hurting and you have a perfect storm hahah. Poor adam! Everything he was saying I was taking the wrong way and I was just one big blubbering mess. Sorry hun! I forget every time that I have about 3 days of just weeping over nothing haha. But the worst is over and now I am leveling out haha. But man! What a weekend!!

Celine had just told me I was a metaphor for a bee because I sting! hahah apparently I am the instigator in the family…what’s wrong with a few harmless pranks?? haha. well these two pics are my “really?! You think I’m a bully?!” face haha and yes that is Adam agreeing with my sister.

Guitars Unplugged.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

One thought on “One Intense Weekend full of Laughs, Tears, and Colorful Lights.

  1. mom says:

    Ok, so I kinda LOVE this post!!! I did have fun with you guys, it was a great weekend. Sorry we had to leave early, but be glad we did…Celine was NO fun the rest of the weekend!!! She was so so pathetic, poor thing. I’m glad you had a good time at the unplugged, of course it was the best one ever, cause we missed it. 🙁 Sorry about your hormones, I really couldn’t tell you were hormonal on Friday…that must’ve creeped in on Saturday. 🙂 I hope your foot is feeling better babe!!! I miss you and promise we will be up there again soon for round 2!! 🙂 I love you!!!!!

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