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Well, at least that is what Adam calls me now hahah. Ugh man these few weeks are getting crazier and crazier! I was at my softball class today and as I was running to second base, I rolled my ankle and sprained it really bad. I was clutching second base for about 10 minutes in agony (I was safe btw) and my team was gathered around. My coach told me to relax and take deep breaths because the pain was making me almost black out. My teammates then carried me off the field to the dugout where they elevated my ankle and put some ice on it. It hurt pretty freakin bad. After class, my friend drove me to see Adam and get some me some pain meds and some lunch because I was shaking and my appointment at the health center wasnt for another 45 minutes.

I finally get to the health center and they take off my bandages and my ankle is huge!!! You cant really tell as much in the picture below because I still have my shoe on, but it was about the size of a softball! My doctor didnt even want to touch anything until I was x-rayed. The x-rays showed I thankfully didnt have a break, but I did have a soft tissue injury (which is about a 2nd degree sprain) and that I would be needing to have a boot and crutches for a while. They gave me mobic for the swelling and that’s that. It hurt sooo bad!!!!!!

Adam has been wonderful so far. He has been helping me with my crutches and even helped me when I had to shower (it was after softball… I was still sweaty) and he is just amazing. I couldnt ask for a better husband to help me 🙂 I hope to be better soon and running again in no time!!!!!

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Cassie Bertoch

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