The Blizzarding Pot Hole Adventure

Yesterday was quite the adventure. Adam and I went to Winco to do some shopping. First of all, it started blizzarding…which really put us in the greatest mood (not). Then as we pulled into the parking lot, we hit the biggest pot hole ever. It popped not one…but two tires. The whole left side front and back. It scared the crap out of us! Adam thankfully was able to pull it into a parking spot (it was pulling really hard) and we started taking care of everything. We had just gotten those tires a month ago and thankfully had the free replacement plan…the only problem was that we had gotten them from Discount Tire…in Layton Utah. They were actually really nice. They are sending us tires and made everything really easy. We then had Adam’s car towed (after many pictures and filing a vehicle accident for Winco) to the nearby Subaru dealership, where it will sit til the tires come in. It was quite the adventure! The blizzard made it freaking cold! But at least we are okay and it didnt happen on the highway! Sheesh what a day!

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

2 thoughts on “The Blizzarding Pot Hole Adventure

  1. John and Ally says:

    Boooo pot holes, during blizzards, in October! Glad we were able to help you guys out

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