My Besties Without Testies

So, as much as I LOVE married life….(and I do!) I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my besties without testies! My three college roomies throughout the last three years have been my best friends and I love them so much!


 2009 (the earliest pic of us four)

(andrea was an additional roommate)


So Merinda is def my bestie! We have had some crazy adventures. Between almost falling off the railroad tracks, scary movies at the dunes, and cuddled nights in a twin bed… I would have to say that I would rather ‘cut myself in half with a hub cap’ before losing her….(um coach hines quote I promise).  I turn into a smoker when she is around because I wheeze so much from laughing so hard. We somehow always find ourselves in awkward situations (insert foot to mouth moments) and we can have full conversations across the room with just our eyes. I love how we have text conversations in the same room making fun of things…then spend forever trying to cover up why we are laughing so hard. haha. We both graduate this July together and I am so excited to be able to walk that stage with her 🙂 I love you Merinda!


Man we have been friends for like ever! Our first semester! I loved the times in the dorms where we couldnt go anywhere without eachother, (even to eat) or when we would facebook in the same room because it just seemed more convenient. lol. I will never forget the scary “eyes in the window” moment we had at 4am and how I am so glad I wasnt alone haha. I think between our youtube quotes and awkward coughs, we are the life of the party…okay not really haha but we do have fun! I love our late night pillow talks and how we keep eachother in the ‘scoop’. I still laugh when I look through our old photos and videos (specially of your random coughs). She leaves in december to serve a mission in Japan and I couldnt be more proud 🙂 I love you Nile!


We have been roomies since the beginning as well! First semester! Man I love you, I have never seen such a spunky woman who knows what she wants! Anytime I hear that snorting and squeaking laugh is music to my ears. I love that we both ridiculously plan and set our goals high (ummm hundred thousand dollar ring steph? lol jk) but I also love that you can be so sassy and blunt. I always know you will give me an honest answer, and will beat up anyone that stands in our way haha. You have been such a great friend to me and been there when I needed it most. Your disgust with feet never ceases to amaze me…as well as your beautiful dancing skills 🙂 I love you so much Steph and wish you were still up here!

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