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An Average Date With Adam and I

So on Saturday Adam and I decided that we wanted to take a break from working (mainly him from his homework lol) and do something together 🙂 We had gotten a gift card in the mail for target and decided to hit it up in Idaho Falls. While browsing the aisles hand in hand and full of love, we finally found what we wanted–windshield wipers for Adam’s car. Haha okay so it was what we needed, BUT I was also able to get these adorable magnets for the fridge….they were labeled and everything! I love organizing! haha totally worth it.

We then had a late lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and had some amazing wings. Between the millions of tv screens that were breaking our necks and secretly making fun of the loud drunks that were yelling at the different games–we were pretty entertained. We even played the “Guess why those people are awkward” games. We look for awkward people and try to figure out why they are so awkward. lol.

Then after short walk around the river of Idaho Falls before it was too cold and windy (and by short we meant 5 minutes) we headed for game stop to see if there was anything worth getting.

There was.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn. No, dont start laughing yet. It is amazing! Adam and I spent hours playing late into the night. It is entirely made out of yard and the graphics are something I hadnt seen before. It has the cutest soundtrack and levels, and the “coins” are made out of jewels…it’s my kind of game. It’s the best. In the game they give us a little house to decorate with Kirby (Adam) and Kirby’s friend King Poof. (Me.) You can even take photos for the photo album of how you decorated your little house. We have everything from chandeliers to pink electric guitars to a polar bear bed. And if you wait long enough, the little Kirby’s fall asleep into an adorable puddle of yarn. Needless to say, our photo album is already full.

I doubt you have had a date day like us….haha.

The blue ball is my character. They can change into the shapes needed to get the job done. Here Kirby is using King Poof as a baseball to attack the bad guys. Isnt it the cutest thing?

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Cassie Bertoch

Since when do colors define us? Oh yeah…when it turns out 90% true haha.

As a result of not being able to run and jump around, I have been doing alot of reading. (Yes, I actually have a library card now…crazy! haha). And I got this book called “The Color Code” and in it you take a test to see which of the 4 personality colors you fit into, and what kind of relationships different colors have. Naturally I took test and made Adam take it too. It was quite the interesting diagnosis. I ended up being the color “BLUE” and Adam ended up being the color “WHITE.” I went through and designed a page that highlighted some of the points it made in the book for both colors and how those relationships are:

It is so crazy how a book can be pretty accurate with our personalities. Granted, not every trait in this book is 100% how Adam and I are, but they hit alot of the main points for sure I think!

This activity was alot of fun, and we spent most of the evening talking about the things that were so true and that made alot more sense now that it was addressed in this book. Haha. Go figure. I really recommend taking the test to find out which color you are, it can be pretty trippy!

Let us know which color you turned out to be if you took it! 🙂

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Cassie Bertoch

Warm Cheese

No, this is not a post about some delicious melted cheese…see in our house…warm cheese means something else. You know those moments in life when someone says something sappy? You say that it is “cheesy.”

One day, back when we were dating, Adam was eating a grilled cheese I made him after coming in from the cold. His poor hands were all shaky and his nose red, but when we bit into that grilled cheese, all I saw were closed eyes and a murmur of “mmm…warrmmmm cheessseeee.”

Somehow, someway this became our replacement for the word “cheesy” when something is sappy. Now we simply say…”warm cheese.” It’s said when I see something cute and adorable and use a particular tone of voice… Every guy knows it. The slightly higher pitch with a mixture of “Awwww’s” amd “Cuuuuute.” Adam will normally say it to me when we are watching a chick flick. The male character says something sweet and I give him a sappy “would you do that?” grin. Warm Cheese.

It is not to be used in a negative context. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Warm cheese is the utmost compliment of anything sappy simply because it is being appreciated. When we say it we know we really enjoyed that “cheesy,” sweet moment.

I love me some warm cheese.

Some examples? Of course we have some!

1. We have what’s called a “love board” and we write sweet little notes on it.
2. When we were engaged, I was having a hard time falling asleep, so I asked Adam to write me a story 🙂
3. We found a chip ALREADY in the shape of a heart. Couldn’t pass it up.
4. This bear we made at a Build A Bear store in Florida. We had two hearts put it in (with our wishes of course) and we had a voice chip put in and we recorded. Adam singing “I love you Cassie…” and then me replying “I love you sooo much!” Haha we even called in Beartoch.

These are just few of many “warm cheese” worthy moments we have. What are some of yours?

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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One Intense Weekend full of Laughs, Tears, and Colorful Lights.

So this has been quite the weekend! Other then the fact that my foot has now become a painter’s pallet of blues and I am under a constant stream of pain medications…my mom and sister came to town! They came Friday morning and I was just unable to contain how excited I was! I was literally waiting at the window like a puppy! haha. It was a good day! I gave Celine a whole tour of campus (she is going to be applying here at BYUI next year…cant wait!) and it was good! Then we all went to Beaver Dick Park (haha the park mentioned in my camping one). I had to prove Celine that it was indeed a real place and I was not just pulling her leg lol. It was soooooo wonderful having them here! We watched movies and had a nice long conversation. Just spending time together as a family was so awesome. Unfortunately Celine got sick and they had to leave Saturday morning instead of Sunday. But we still had fun! Then that night Merinda, Adam, and I all went to Guitars Unplugged! It was so good! Better than we have seen in a while. It made us get bit by the music bug…adam and I may be practicing for next semesters show. We shall see! The lights were so cool! I was mesmerized haha.

Haha also…I just got my birth control injection…and let me tell you…3 months worth of hormones in one dose…makes one emotional wife! Mix that with my foot hurting and you have a perfect storm hahah. Poor adam! Everything he was saying I was taking the wrong way and I was just one big blubbering mess. Sorry hun! I forget every time that I have about 3 days of just weeping over nothing haha. But the worst is over and now I am leveling out haha. But man! What a weekend!!

Celine had just told me I was a metaphor for a bee because I sting! hahah apparently I am the instigator in the family…what’s wrong with a few harmless pranks?? haha. well these two pics are my “really?! You think I’m a bully?!” face haha and yes that is Adam agreeing with my sister.

Guitars Unplugged.

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Cassie Bertoch

Family Fun

Today we went with Ally and John to do some shooting. It was super fun! We had some clay pigeons for target practice. We practiced everything from “kill shots” to rapid fire. (Being safe of course). The highlight moment was probably when Ally shot her 9mm and her clip just plunked to the ground. We all laughed pretty hard. It was a fun time 🙂

For these pictures we used a TRIPOD….not a person haha just to clarify.

Our weapons of choice:

Adam: .45 caliber
Me: .22 caliber
Ally: 9mm
John: .40 caliber

These our are Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

Cassie the Cyborg

Well, at least that is what Adam calls me now hahah. Ugh man these few weeks are getting crazier and crazier! I was at my softball class today and as I was running to second base, I rolled my ankle and sprained it really bad. I was clutching second base for about 10 minutes in agony (I was safe btw) and my team was gathered around. My coach told me to relax and take deep breaths because the pain was making me almost black out. My teammates then carried me off the field to the dugout where they elevated my ankle and put some ice on it. It hurt pretty freakin bad. After class, my friend drove me to see Adam and get some me some pain meds and some lunch because I was shaking and my appointment at the health center wasnt for another 45 minutes.

I finally get to the health center and they take off my bandages and my ankle is huge!!! You cant really tell as much in the picture below because I still have my shoe on, but it was about the size of a softball! My doctor didnt even want to touch anything until I was x-rayed. The x-rays showed I thankfully didnt have a break, but I did have a soft tissue injury (which is about a 2nd degree sprain) and that I would be needing to have a boot and crutches for a while. They gave me mobic for the swelling and that’s that. It hurt sooo bad!!!!!!

Adam has been wonderful so far. He has been helping me with my crutches and even helped me when I had to shower (it was after softball… I was still sweaty) and he is just amazing. I couldnt ask for a better husband to help me 🙂 I hope to be better soon and running again in no time!!!!!

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Cassie Bertoch

What else is there??

So this is a bit of a random post. Adam and I decided to watch the Swan Princess the other day (we like to watch old Disney movies every now and then 🙂 ) and while watching it we saw a scene where Odette asks Derek if beauty was the only reason he loved her….his response? “What else is there?”
(video is embedded at the bottom of this post)

I think Adam and I laughed for hours about that because it was such a dumb move on Derek’s part (had to make sure Adam knew just how dumb it was….. hint hint haha)

But the running joke is that we respond with “what else is there?” for just about every question now…

What do you want for dinner?
When do you want to leave?
Do these jeans make me look fat?

All responded with “what else is there?” followed by a fit of giggles for about 20 minutes. It rarely makes sense, and sometimes adam receives a gasp of surprise (hence the question about the jeans….hahha) But it makes life interesting and full of sore abs.

Yes, we are quite the strange couple.

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

P.S. This is the best video I could find on youtube…. enjoy 😉

Roughin it in the wild……

Okay okay so maybe not in the wild, but we did go camping! We went to this place called Beaver Dick Park. (I know…no comment on the name….haha). It was a blast though! Adam and I went with Ally and John and we pitched our tents and had a big fire pit all to ourselves.

Adam and I decided to go exploring on a trail that was back from the campsite….we got about 5 feet from the trail itself and I froze. I shone the flashlight towards the trail and I saw a big pair of green eyes flashing back at me in the dark. I started freaking out and told Adam to look (more like just blubbered and pointed in the right direction) to which he exclaimed that it was simply a deer…but that it was kinda freaky….so we left. haha. We didnt even get on the trail itself. That was enough excitement for me lol. Then after playing and singing guitar and eating ridiculous amount of junk food, we called it a night. Although…at one point adam had to come to the porta potty with me because I was scared at night. What a good husband 🙂 It was so fun being in our cute little tent together! We put it up ourselves and cuddled up in our warm sleeping bags. It was like a slumber party! haha.

The next morning, we had some mini powdered doughnuts (it’s tradition for me) and then adam was kind enough to drive me to the nearest gas station so I could pee….(he said some people last night destroyed the porta potty and he didnt want me to have to go in it) He got husband award for that one! Then after enjoying laying in the tent, we went on the trail from last night and found the footprints from the deer. We went exploring, and adam had a good time with his new survival knife and making a clear path for us to walk 🙂 Then we packed up! It was such a fun night! We had a great time. More camping for us for sure!

hehe caught off guard….
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Cassie Bertoch

Carving Adventures!

Adam and I have carved our first pumpkin together! It is the cutest thing ever! *Random interesting fact, exactly a year ago, the FHE group that Adam and I met in, carved pumpkins together too…we were good friends then… ;)*

Here are some pictures from our first carving adventures as a couple!


And then we went over to Ally and John’s and carved our baby pumpkin with them and had a good night! We had fun, it is so nice having family so close and another married couple to hang out with 🙂

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Cassie Bertoch

Because one vehicle accident just wasnt enough…

Yes. I have gotten into my first ever fender bender. The same week that Adam’s car is in the shop from the pot hole. Thankfully my truck wasnt totaled. Another truck and I backed into eachother pulling out of parking spots in the Walmart parking lot. It was this 16 year old kid that ended up leaving me with only his phone number because he wanted to go to a game. I was freaking out. I called his parents to come out and meet me at the parking lot and I called the police and they made a report and took pictures and everything. So we shall see how things go. I am glad no one was hurt, but it is just frustrating to me. Although we were able to pick up Adam’s car tonight from getting his tires fixed. One car down…one truck to go……

These are our Bits O’ Bertoch.

Cassie Bertoch

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